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Expansion I

While I was away at the LPS the first time,
FredFish must have gotten a little panicky.

He enrolled in bubble-nest 101.

The second time, I went to acquire a hood for the 5g.
What you say? No hoods, Really? (sigh)
Fine, now we purchase a 10g, more substrate,
Stealth heater, Aqueon filter (not so hot on this one), et cetera.
And by now, the first half of the foundation plants have arrived.

The Foundation Plants:
1. Microsorum pteropus (Java Fern)
2. Anubias pygmy nana (Petite Nana, will not get much bigger)
3. Cladophora aegagrophila (Japanese Moss balls)
4. Barclaya longifolia (Orchid Lily)
5. Microsorium pteropus v. “Windeslov” (Java Fern, Lace)
6. Nymphoides aquatica (Banana plant)

There are six foundation plants; I will be adding three more at some point.
This is day five cycling; ammonia levels dropping in approximately 30 hours
to less than 0.5ppm, no nitrites yet.

1 ~ 3

4 ~ 6, except you cannot see the baby Banana Plant in the right corner.

On Day 6: Chems! First NO readings. So, ‘citing.

The third time I went to the LPS, I wanted some glass shrimp to acclimate at
home in the 5g, since it was not actually cycling. My intention was to make
sure they were all healthy for two weeks before being tasked to
clean-up in the 10g.

and then . . .

Miss No-Name; round-tale, Plakat. Copper-pink body, white dalmatian fins
& white tale with cellophane above & below mid-line.
(dalmatian & cellophane, recessive)

By the next morning, her hot-pink spot had elongated to a streak.
She is a swimmy little thing. FredFish and she are in separate thick
glass fish-hotels which distorts their views.
FredFish flares at her, so I move them around.
She could care less about him. She has her own agenda.

Regarding those glass shrimp, aka party-of-five . . .
I am debating with myself about making the 5g a shrimp-arium.


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