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Rethinking the Expansion I Plan

Sunday November 1 was a regular water change day.  I finished the 10g:view  and decided to do the wc for the 10g:redux as well.  The Shrimparium would be swapped on Monday.  Something in the water went way wrong in the Shrimparium; I made the decision to break it down, distribute the rest of the Malaysian Trumpet snails to 10g:redux with FredFish; keeping the 5g as an hospitality/quarantine tank for now.

With this last wc, I used the bath tap instead of the kitchen tap; interestingly the bath tap seems to have less residue and as a result, the ph seems to be significantly lower than the kitchen tap.  I have been researching counter-top filtering devices this week.  I may not have to purchase one if water tests of the bath tap prove lower ph.

I almost missed this beautiful shot as I was doing research while the 10g:view was refilling.  I looked up just as the upper and lower stratifications were beginning to be merged by that silly fish who kept swimming and almost ruined a great shot.

It was even more beautiful in person, reminds me of the Smokey Mountains in the morning.

. . . and that is why we call this tank; 10g: Tank With A View


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