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AlphaInventions.com: Our First Visitor

I went on a little vaca to Chicago at the end of last week.  I combined a class assignment for BritLit with surprising two family members.  Worked out beautifully.

In the usual routine of checking email, updating FB, working my way through the boards I belong to; I stopped here to contemplate what interesting thing I could tell about my time away and the fish-village on their own.  I checked the stats and lo and behold, there was a visitor!  I have not done any blog promotion; therefore I was curious.

AlphaInventions.com had been here on November 4, 2009 to check out the fish-village, presumably for inclusion in his interesting-things-to-read blog page-through-thingy.  It is actually a clever idea.  Cheru Jackson has worked a piece of coding which delivers websites like paging through a book.  A better comparison might be to a photo-slide show.  He has even figured out a way to deliver the whole page, not a thumbnail, with speed and efficiency.

He describes himself as a ‘regular guy . . . with a big imagination’.  He also admitted to boredom when he came up with his big idea.  I can see that Cheru and I have similar issues namely; craving uniqueness and efficiency and abhorring boredom.  I will be interested to see how my hit count fares from his site, if I ever get around to active promotion.

Thanks Cheru for stopping by and listing us.  What a cool name, by the way.

Editor’s Note: In the interest of full disclosure, I went back to the site to add a post about AlphaInventions.com as Cheru suggested in the “What is . . .” post of September 2009.  I found I could not add the URL to this post, I clicked the “Subscribe” button, figuring like everything else, I had to create an userid account.  To my surprise, the Subscribe button took me to PayPal and there is a fee associated with updating your blog.  I have no problem with Geeks making money for their creativity and hard work; however I did find the lack of full disclosure up front, a little off-putting.

Still a cool idea, still worth it if you don’t mind supporting Cheru’s work.  In the case of Giypsy: aqua gillie, this blog is more of a tank log plus, created for reference, than a service.  If my retail website was being tended to, as it should be, I might cough up the $10 per month.


One response to “AlphaInventions.com: Our First Visitor

  1. Giypsy December 9, 2009 at 9:15 am

    Hi, Thanks for stopping by.
    Sorry, I cannot work out what you are trying to tell me, or if you meant your comment
    for AlphaInventions.com. I am using a standard WordPress template, I’ll take a look
    at it in other browers.


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