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10g: Tank with a View Log

Temp: 78/ph: 7.8/NH(3): 0/NO(2): 0/NO(3): 0/GH: 9/KH: 5

Removed all the rock-wool, split C. Lutea & lined left & back, have extra for 10g: redux.  Planted Radican Marble Queen, it has a large, budded flower-stalk.  Banana Plant has a surface reaching sprout, pinching that off to encourage immersed leaves.  Removed button weight from Java Fern due to deterioration, wound cotton thread around a stone.  Planted some random bulbs from a Topfin package, we will see.

Covered intake with toe of stocking, cut  water flow in half, surface much calmer.  Refilled CO(2 and added a check valve.

White Cloud chinese minnows apparently not eating, order food.  One shrimp died, female b. splendens had a late lunch.  Of the remaining nine, five were visible yesterday.  Fish & Shrimp cohabitating without incident, no chasing, no harassment.  Probably should add two-three more White Cloud, perhaps Golden.

Edit:  Ordered – two tube, diamond plate fixture, one Ultra Sun 40w & one Flora-Glo 40w.  Terrible time finding good white substrate for the other 10g:redux.


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