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Parts are Parts

The fish-rack is awaiting parts.  A shiny diamond plate shop-light arrived via ebay seller in record time, with real-rate shipping.  One of two florescent bulbs awaits it’s working partner, not record time.  Substrate is sitting in the bag, new food, and some DIY CO2 parts are awaiting assembly as well.  Due to academic demands and several different vendors, the parts will have to cool their heels for one or two more days.  A tap water filter is wending it’s way here to correct ph levels I am uncomfortable with.  Finally, a cute little external/hang-on-back filter must be sent back because it simply does not work.  Very disappointing.  I thought it would be the perfect solution to clearing the h. o. b. obstruction to 10g:view’s vista, as it had the ability to sit on a shelf instead of hanging.

As I was awaiting parts to arrive, attending to the academic demands and generally practicing patience, I was able to count the shrimp.  Of 10, one died for sure.  I have identified 7, an official count will have to wait until I am able to work on their tank in a day or two.

In the 10g:redux, something riled the male b.splenden a couple of days ago.  He flared at everything that moved.  As a result, I removed the three White Clouds, of which two are females and gravid.  The male was chasing one in particular and we can guess what that means.  Not sure if that is what riled the b. splenden; however everyone has calmed down.

I am debating the mix and the functions of the tanks.  Aqua-scaping and aquaponics are the priorities.  For aquaponic gardening, I will need some good polluters of water, i.e. goldfish.  I do not want goldfish, but I do want fresh spinach, herbs and a tomato plant, so a choice must be made.

Then there are the existing fish and shrimp.  I intended to dedicate one tank as a shrimparium; the current fish are all omnivores, shrimp fry in an omnivore tank will not work.  The 5g tank was taken down and really is only good for a hospitality/quarantine/grow-out tank, as such a small tank is hard to stabilize over the long haul.

I have two visual goals for two tanks I do not want to give up either.  One 4ft divided, would solve most current problems; however accounting says a 4ft is out of current budget range.  It seems a third 10g or larger is needed.   Another option might be to turn three 10g sideways and have deep views as opposed to standard shallow, wide views.  That solution would solve the aquaponic water/nutrient problem but hamper aquascape design.

The solutions will present themselves, if patience and creative thinking are permitted to run wild.  They have until the remaining parts arrive, to manifest themselves.


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