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Aq Advisor – Great Stocking Tool

Now we come to our very first product review and it is FREE!

What could be better?

A fellow aqua-gillie and geek of programming has created a tool to help novices and advanced aquari-ests alike, make intelligent choices about stocking new and established aquariums.  Based on over forty behavioral attributes, tank size, projected growth and filtration this version 1 of AqAdvisor is just the geeky tool I was looking for.

With this tool, you will be able to make projections regarding the prospective compatibility of your livestock without costly mistakes.  Select your show-fish or dream fish, add quantity and you will see statistics about your tank’s viability at the bottom of the page.  Go back to the top and add another fish or invertebrate, the bottom informational advisor automatically recalculates your tank with the new addition.

Here is a text example of a 5g with an AquaClear mini(20) filter and one female betta splendens:

Recommended temperature range: 24 – 28 C. [Display in Farenheit]
Recommended pH range: 6 – 7.
Recommended hardness range: 5 – 19 dH.

No errors.

You have plenty of aquarium filtration capacity.

Your aquarium filtration capacity for above selected species is 814%.
Recommended water change schedule: 8% per week.
Your aquarium stocking level is 79%. [Generate Image] [What’s this?]

You get everything you need to make further choices regarding fish/invertebrate type, filtration, ph & water hardness as well as warnings when your choices are incompatible or you exceed your tank’s capabilities before you throw down hard-earned cash.

Here is a screenshot of the 10g: with-a-view after the current re-scaping, with new livestock projections:

Projected 10g:view final stock.  As you can see, I have chosen to overstock this tank just a bit; I plan to cycle the water from this tank into an aquaponic setup at some point in early 2010.  Not really wanting goldfish, I needed to see where the sweet-spot is before purchasing further hardware and livestock.  During my futzing around, I actually had this tank up to 111% without getting a filtration upgrade warning.  Cool beans.
We hope you will give this tank simulator a try and leave some feedback.  Improvements and error corrections are dependent upon fish-keepers like you letting the author know what you experienced.
A word of caution from both the author of AqAdvisor and us:
Do Not rely solely upon this tool. Do your research while utilizing this great tool, before, during and after you make purchases.
In the case of my 10g:view tank, I have overkill when it comes to filtration for a 10 gallon tank; therefore I can get away with some, judicious overstocking as long as my livestock show no signs of stress.  That is why you need to do your homework.  What are the signs of stress in every species you want in your tank?  I know them, I have watched the behavior of my current selections.  My female betta splendens is a hunter, my male is not.
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