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Aquarium Algae ID

Aquarium Algae ID

Happy Thanksgiving!

Using the lazy man’s post option today as it is a holiday in the U.S.   Dusko Bojic of Sweden maintains an informational blog dedicated to algae.  Yes, the green, blue, brown, black, slimy, hairy, thready and mysterious oily surface stuff that can drive an aqua-gillie mad.

Mr. Bojic’s information is sub-divided into algae types and is accompanied by good pictures of each type.  The scope includes the type, cause, remedies as well as pros and cons of multiple remedy options.  The site is well written in clear language so as not to overwhelm the new aquarium keeper.  It is has enough depth to satisfy the advanced aquariest with a problem not previously experienced.  The reader should come away with a clear understanding of the causes and cures for most algae problems.

And why is this important to the tanks documented here?  Up to this point in the short history of the three tanks currently managed, no algae has grown.  Now that the new lights have had a week to impact the two 10gs, the beginnings of an algae colony has become visible in the heavier fertilized 10:view.

Ironically, this is good news.  Some plant species went through serious die-off due to transplant shock and slow, natural re-establishment.  An algae outbreak was desired in this case, to gauge how close to good growing conditions, we were at any given point.  Now we know.  We are getting close to the sweet spot between good growing conditions and nutrient exchange versus overkill.

Off we went in search of clear, concise, well written information.  Thanks to Mr. Bojic’s efforts, we have it.  Good stuff.


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