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Badmans Tropical Fish Tank Log Monitor

Giypsy’s tank logs @ Badmans Tropical Fish Tank Log Monitor.

The above is a link to the three tanks documented here.  Many thanks to Badmanstropicalfish.com for providing this free tank logging tool.  Whether you are new to aquariums or a seasoned aquarist, tank logging is very important.

Badmans gives you the ability to record all the relevant data associated with your tanks including; tank size, hardware type and wattage, water change schedule, livestock species and notes, as well as maintenance reminders.

For both the new, cycling tank as well as the seasoned, mature tank, one of the critical tasks is water parameter documentation.  Your water chemical makeup is crucial to the types and number of livestock you can successfully keep in a tank.  Until the release of the AqAdvisor v. 1, we relied heavily upon the tank logs for our tanks to give us both an overview of the history of the tanks as well as clues to changes that may benefit or harm each tank.  It is our opinion that the combination of tank logging and the advisor have kept us from making costly mistakes and killing livestock.

We hope you will give the tank logging practice a try.  We can pretty much guarantee your tanks will look better and your livestock will thrive by following the recommendations of seasoned aquarists and the use of these two tools.

P.S.  Our chems and stats are also kept the old fashioned way, a regular blank  journal which goes with us to the fish vendors.




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