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Shrimp: some resources

It was through reading about plants and algae that the shrimp bug bit. if you will.  What started out as five glass shrimp to scavenge the substrate has become a sub-hobby in short order.  Dwarf shrimp are fascinating little creatures.  Admittedly some suffer the “ugly bugly” syndrome to an extent but their industrious scavenging habits more than make up for their looks.  Others are very attractive and make colorful additions to planted tanks with no natural predators.

Shrimp-with-a-Tude posing a question.

Not the most flattering  shot taken of the former alpha shrimp in the shrimparium, nevertheless a humorous example of the point we were making.    That shrimp is actually facing away from the viewer.  Weird optical illusion.

So where to look for good information on Dwarf fresh water shrimp?  Below is a link list of shrimp-keepers and sites used on a regular basis:

TheKrib.com/fish/shrimp/: TheKrib is a pretty reliable source of information on many fresh water species, not just shrimp.

TheShrimpJournal.com:  The author of this blog is an active member of one of the forums relied upon for ongoing information.

Aquatic Plant Central: a sub-forum of this site is dedicated to invertebrates.

PlanetInverts.com: This site is a specialist’s site within the aquarium hobby.  The link provided is to the NewComer packet page.  There is a wealth of information for the novice as well as the advanced invertebrate hobbiest.  This site gets high recommendations as well as the next . . .

PetShrimp.com:  This site is not regularly updated; however the information regarding species is thorough and useful.  Each species documented is accompanied by large, clear photographs.

ArizonaInverts.com:  They have a link list to reliable shrimp breeders.

Shrimp-keeping is an interesting hobby which goes well with the aqua-scaped tank.  However; water quality is critical to keeping these little crustaceans.  You must be willing to test your water, provide good filtration and regular tank maintenance to avoid repeated disappointments and shrimp death.  It is not terribly difficult to maintain a Shrimparium, it does require a regular routine.

Hopefully, you will find them fascinating as we do.  Best of luck!


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