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Ol’ FredFish has left us

Sad day in the fish-village; the senior member, Ol’ FredFish had to be euthanized today.   We suspected he was past his prime, he had no interest in Miss No-Name, the female betta splendens.  He stopped making bubble nests in his own tank a month ago.  Seemed to have trouble swimming gracefully on occasion within the last week.

FredFish when we first got him. He is root pruning my water lettuce.

This morning he had significant tail damage, dorsal was curling at the tips and anal fin was ragged as well.  The filter has a puff of fiberfill over the intake so the damage was not mechanical.  We watched him for a while, creeping along the bottom and observed surfacing to the top was a struggle for him.   Finally this afternoon the decision was made; better to let him go than to watch him struggle and suffer.

This is the unhappy part of good animal husbandry.   It makes no sense to let an animal suffer; a dying fish will pollute the whole tank.  A sick or dying fish is not good food for carnivore or omnivore fish either.

The moral for us, to this sad fish tale:

We will never buy one of those “poor, pretty fish in a cup” again.

If we decide to raise other betta fish, we will only buy them from reputable breeder who keeps them in a tank of appropriate size and filtration.


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