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White Cloud Mountain minnow fry!

My White Cloud Mountain minnows seem to have gone off the grid and well, you get the idea  This is just plain embarrassing. For all my due diligence  re: the planted & shrimparium grow-out, I seem to have acquired a fry population in a pond scum covered bowl.  I do not think I can even reconstruct the chain of events based on tank logs, sheesh.

Here is my best guess:
A couple weeks ago(?) I moved three; 1 m.white cloud mountain minnow and two f fatties into my holding bowl which had nothing but mature
marimo balls and some baby crypt lutea floating, during a
series of cleaning & re-scaping events. They got no food,
were in there for a few whiles, then put back into the 10g:view.

I kept meaning to empty the bowl & rehouse the marimos to a 5g I finally got re-started and put the last of the C.Lutea in the grow out. The water under the pond scum is crystal clear and the marimos are pearling in the sunshine.

I glance at the bowl and what-the-hmmmm? There is something moving,  flashing in the sun. I get all excited thinking there are accidental shrimp fry in there, nope fish!  One fry is about 1/4″ long, the rest are about the size of a breadcrumb or grain of sugar, and free swimming.  It will take 2-3 weeks to get any kind of count.  I did skim off the pond scum and removed the Crypt Lutea.  I am leaving everything else as is until some of my colleagues chime in with advise.

The moral of this FishTale:

Nature happens . . .

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