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James’ Planted Tank – Algae Guide

James’ Planted Tank – Algae Guide.

Algae control is always a hot topic, we see the requests for help spike during season change and about a month, give or take,  after a newly cycled tank is up and running.

Our tanks are no different.  There is an algae farm in the planted tank as well as some good pond snail food on the glass of the shrimparium/grow-out.  James had added to the knowledge base by providing pics, descriptions and remedies.  So we add Jame’s Planted Tank Algae Guide to our arsenal of pesky problem remedies.

During the learning curve phase of both our 10g tanks, back when the water and glass were crystal clear, we said an algae outbreak would not be unwelcome as it would be an indicator we were on the right track as far as establishing a biologically balanced tank where our plants and therefore livestock, would thrive.  The shrimp, we can happily report, are competing with the pond snails (we do not want, more to come) for every square inch of food on the glass.

The moral of this FishTale:

Be careful what you wish for; in aquarium keeping,

you will get it, eventually . . .


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