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White Cloud Mountain minnow fry at home

In a post dated December 2, 2009 we announced with some chagrin, our White Cloud Mountain minnows had gone off the grid and gifted us with fry.  If you would like to start at the beginning, the date above will take you to that post, a link at the end will bring you here again.

White Cloud Mountain Minnow fry, 4wks

Nursery tank for the White Cloud Mountain minnow fry

The fry remained in that bowl for 10 days, until other arrangements could be made and we were sure they were viable.

The plan was to take the large one out of the bowl, put him in the nursery tank and leave the mid-size group as well as the smaller size group in the bowl for a bit longer.  It proved too difficult to “spoon” him out of the holding bowl.  A prayer was said, the whole bowl, fry, marimo balls, and detritus were dumped into the 5g tank.

what cloud mountain minnow fry,minnow fry,freshwater fish

Largest fry is 5/8" long as of 12.11.2009, 4 weeks old

The shot here of the largest White Cloud Mountain minnow fry indicates he is 1/2″ but in fact he is 5/8″ as of yesterday.  He is twice the size of the mid-size group of fry.

what cloud mountain minnow fry,minnow fry,freshwater fish

Mid-size group of White Cloud Mountain minnow fry 1/2cm

This little guy accidentally ended up in the baby medicine dropper I use to
retrieve tank water for chem tests. I promise I only capped the tube
long enough to get the shot, he was promptly returned to his
tank mates, none the worse for a little documentation.
He represents the mid-size group. As you can see, this group is about
a 1/2 cm long.

The smallest group are about 1/5 cm long. We lost one for sure, saw the carcass floating.  When I looked back to retrieve it, I could not find it. I would not be surprised if the largest has made a meal or two of the weaker ones.

The Livestock in the 5g nursery tank:

  • White Cloud Mountain minnow fry, approximately 15-20
  • Malaysian Trumpet snails, 3
  • Cryptocoryne Lutea, 2-3 baby plants
  • Japanese Marimo balls, assorted sizes
  • Java Fern

Check back for updates on this our first attempt at raising White Cloud Mountain minnow fry.  {even though we were not prepared}


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