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White Cloud minnow . . . or not

This may go down as the most embarrassing story we have told on ourselves, to date. First a shout-out to a couple of new twitter followers; APGoldfish and fish_joys. Each have retweeted or followed us in the last week. Thanks very much!

On to the embarrassment

As we have said in the series of posts regarding what we thought were White Cloud Mountain fry, we really did not know how this happened. Now it gets even more puzzling.Seems last night when the fry got fed, the big one has matured enough to show the tell-tale blue body stripe of a . . .
Neon Tetra. Yep, folks we have Neon Tetra fry not White Cloud Mountain minnow fry. Most of them are still so small, their bodies are clear;  you really cannot see them unless the light is shining on them just right.  There just is no retrievable explanation from our foggy memory or our tank logs to explain this. The Neon Tetras were never in the holding bowl, the White Cloud Mountain minnow parents were.

The moral of this fish tale:

Can we get someone to make some sort of fish-tank with a magnifying front?


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