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New Home for Aqua Gillie

Yes we are moving our content, in order to facilitate easier content aggregation.
Upon logging in to the blog we have worked on for two months this morning, we found uberVu had visited us and reposted our content. We appreciate anyone who thinks our content is useful therefore; we visited uberVu website and found a nifty little feedback widget we liked very much. You can see it at the bottom of our posts on the new blog.   Sadly, we could not use it on this host we have been working with.
So, we moved the publishing to blogger by Google. . . {read the story}

We are not entirely sure how we will handle content at this blog.  It may turn back into a regular tank  journal, supplementing the new blog with fish-village updates and photos.

To WordPress.com; Thanks for the great ease with which publishing is accomplished on this domain.  We appreciate the tools you have provided.  Unfortunately, we really needed a javascript enabled site.  It is our understanding several product developers are working with you to facilitate plug-ins compatible with your format and business model.  We are hopeful you are able to continue to offer WordPress.com with all the tools bloggers need and expect.  Happy Holidays.


2 responses to “New Home for Aqua Gillie

  1. Giypsy January 12, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    You are welcome. Thank you for taking a minute to leave your
    feedback. We really appreciate it. Happy 2010!
    Giypsy & the Fish-Village

  2. Carrol Weisiger January 9, 2010 at 2:17 am

    Thank you. Very useful writing.

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