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Neo-symbolist Nick Demos releases his ArtPrize 2011 entry for use by protesters on Wall Street

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Nick Demos, has released reproduction permission of his ArtPrize 2011 entry to anyone protesting on Wall Street.  “I realized my painting was the banner the Wall Street protesters need and can galvanize Americans. I have made it available for anyone protesting Wall Street; anyone in America . . . CAN COPY , PRINT and USE [it]. They can make poster, put it on T shirts, we need to turn the country around, when 400 people make more than 180 million Americans, and 100 million Americans are virtually in poverty. AMERICANS CAN change the financial system, by pass the politicians that all bought out by the lobbyist of the rich and the corporations.” Nick Demos said this morning.   Nick Demos is a neo-symbolist painter located in Georgia.  For more information visit his website; http://www.themona.com
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