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Today’s Bread and Butter

I was just walking by and . . . money shot!




















If this is not a money shot, I do not know what is. I happened by the OccupyGR homebase to see if anyone needed a shift-change; lo & behold there is today’s bread & butter!

vreedwrites | Flickr photostream

Independent Media funding campaign: OccupyLA eviction coverage

Two of our colleagues are heading down from Oakland/San Francisco Bay area where they each cover a city,  to help OccupyLA with indy media coverage for  Monday November, 28 2011. This donation request is to help with the funding as a result of the eviction notice from the Mayor and city officials.

Spencer Mills, aka OakFoSho covers the Oakland California Occupy, with good humor and gentle grace.  He always has a kind or encouraging word for those occupiers he runs into each night he is streaming coverage.

Punkboyinsf  hails from San Francisco; his coverage of OccupySF is what drew me to streaming coverage of the Occupy movement at large.  I crammed a months worth of education into about a week watching him move through San Francisco.

These two, along with Tim Pool are the vanguard of streaming media coverage on two coasts for the Occupy movement. Please support their work, when the time comes, they will support their fellow independent journalists in turn. Thank you for your support of independent media.

Vreed Writes The human readable address for their WePay account is:
https://www.wepay.com/donate/27485  the account holder’s name is Spencer Mills, aka OakFoSho.
For those of you who pray; join me in asking for health and safety for these two video journalists.


‎@OakFoSho Media Campaign Sponsorship
Stay tuned for updates on coverage by Tim Pool, scheduled to stream from the road in December.


Updated:: vreedwrites’ Flickr Photostream OccupyGR Buy Nothing Day

Via Scoop.itOccupyGR

OccupyGR Buy Nothing Day event and a special shout-out to Occupy Wall Street knitters and crocheters.  The day before our GA finalized plans for Buy Nothing day, including a knit/crochet circle, I saw the OWS knitters & crocheters on a streaming vid.  So HELLO OWS KNITTERS & CROCHETERS from Grand Rapids Michigan.  [phut, phut, is this thing on? Do you think they heard us?]
Via www.flickr.com

Media consolidation expose from FrugalDad

From Frugal Dad

Media Consolidation Infographic

Source: Frugal dad

About Jason (Frugal Dad)

Jason founded FrugalDad.com in 2007, back when being frugal was still unpopular.

Black Friday 2011 is as much entertainment as actual shopping at Rivertown Crossings Mall

Via Scoop.itOccupyGR

People flocked to the mall, and while many left with bags, not everyone did.
Via www.mlive.com

Grand Rapids counter strategy to Black Friday: Buy Nothing Day

Via Scoop.itOccupyGR

Shop Local, all day, every day, a photo by vreedwrites on Flickr.
This sign can be seen on the window of a mom & pop on Monroe Center. The owners are very friendly and were the local grocery f…
Via vreedwrites.visibli.com

Grand Rapids counter strategy to Black Friday: Buy Nothing Day

This sign can be seen on the window of a mom & pop on Monroe Center. The owners are very friendly and were the local grocery for the disabled former residents of Morton House apartments around the corner. To be sure their business was affected by the closure of Morton House. Show them some local Grand Rapids love by stopping in from time to time.
Thanks to them for their kindness to their patrons.
Photo# localMonroeC1


Black Friday Updates

OccupyGR has developed a counter-strategy  for Black Friday and overspending in general. They run a Really, Really Free Market every Saturday in their public protest location Monument Park at Fulton & Division in Grand Rapids MI.

In addition to the Really, Really, Free Market, OccupyGR is joining forces with The Bloom Collective on Black Friday to host two locations for Buy Nothing Day free markets. The Bloom is also showing the film  “What Would Jesus Buy?” at 2:30 pm, OccupyGR encourages you to visit and see the film then visit OccupyGr at Monument Park. [The Bloom Collective event on FB]

OccupyGR has posted an event page for Buy Nothing Day on Facebook as well [Buy Nothing Day on FB]

  • Friday, November 25, 2011
  • Time: 12:00pm until 6:00pm
  • Where
    Monument Park (Division and Fulton)
  • Description
    It’s not what you buy, it’s what you refuse buy.

    Occupy Grand Rapids is hosting BUY Nothing Day on the Corner of Fulton and Division

We hope these two events bring a smile to your mug and put cheer in your heart.

Happy Channukah

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year  . . . from vreedwrites and our friends!

IWillOccupy & TheOther99 reporting live from Zuccotti

Join the live stream of either Tim Pool or Henry, twitter IDs in the title, respectively. They are doing yeoman’s work today for #OWS


OccupyGR: Protests Condoleeza Rice 11.16.2011

OccupyGR protested the appearance of Condoleeza Rice at the 124th Annual Lincoln dinner of the Kent County G.O.P. at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids MI.  Updates shortly.

Occupy Grand Rapids plans to protest Condoleezza Rice’s visit

Via Scoop.itOccupyGR

Members of Occupy Grand Rapids are gearing up to protest Wednesday’s Grand Rapids appearance by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the Kent County GOP’s annual dinner. “It is important to hold people accountable for what they do,” said Matthew Judge, 26, a member of Occupy Grand Rapids. He said that he was speaking for himself but not necessarily the protest group.
Via www.mlive.com

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