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10g with a view

This page documents the Tank-with-a-View in linear time.  Chems & stats can be viewed at Giypsy’s tank logs @ Badmanstropicalfish.com: 10g:view


Houston; Is this a problem?

What is that? I noticed it this morning while doing chems.
It is not liquid; I thought it might be sap.
When brushed, it (a glob) floated around the tank and settled.

I had not processed this photo before the new foundation
plants arrived therefore; my plan to isolate the banana plant
was forgotten when I dumped the new plants into the tank.

All the little white globs went floating around the tank
and are now unrecoverable. It is a jungle in there.

The little sprout on the banana plant was not to be denied,
it is wending it’s way around the wads to the back of the tank
facing the window. Hood had to be removed completely
because the Crypt Lutea was reaching right for the bulbs.

There is nothing I can do about it now, I have class at six.

10.17.2009 – Fish Acclimation Day!

Now we come to the big deal, phase two of the foundation planting
for the 10g, or what I like to call;
“The Weedy Mess”
But first let us look at that fish rack again:

The foundation planting for the 10g is coming along. Unfortunately, it looks a weedy mess as we fill.

Diagram Key:
1. FredFish in his fish-hotel penthouse, he is sulking again
2. The gentle refill rig; I take silly pride in my $2 carboy
3. 5g shrimp-arium; L.arguata floating around, acclimating
4. 2nd $2 carboy, waste-water
5. 10g main tank, 1 day away from cycle completion according to the chem readings.
If you look closely, you can see the largest remaining glass shrimp crossing the
intake line. I was tired of cleaning their hotel, messy little blighters,
worse than goldfish. So I tossed them in, sink or swim boyos!
6. Miss No-Name in her fish-hotel penthouse. I gave her the Java Fern during the 10g scaping.
7. Spathiphyllum wallisii – Common Peace Lily; in a pot, not the water.

The fish rack will undergo at least one more evolution as we near the end of construction.

Hold onto your butts; I have a line on another 10g, free. It will require the
purchase all the requisite hardware junk and some more substrate;
however due to this unexpected potential expansion, I am considering
putting the second 10g next to the other on the second shelf, I will then
either move the 5g out of sight and use it as a refugeium or move it to the top.
The second option will require purchasing extension poles and another wire shelf; a modification I was considering anyway. Should I move it to the top,
a bog or growout are both up for consideration.

The shrimp are both active this morning. Last night, the smaller
hung out on the heater in the back as soon as it found it. The larger,
same one crossing the intake line above, swam circuts around the
tank perimeter. Both are at the front glass this morning,
trying to figure out how to get as high as possible. The larger figured out
last night, it can ride the current across the front glass.

I dropped a flake or two in this morning; however today is
fast day for everybody. I want those two working for a living
instead of living off the fat of the Marimos, so-to-speak.
They were originally supposed to go into the 5g but the heater in the 5g
is not up to the job & the ph is too high for my comfort.
Since that tank is one day behind, no fauna can go in there this weekend.

The 10g on the other hand, seems to be done. I’ll know for sure tonight
when I do a 12hr reading. {0/0/8 @ 1hr after 90% wc}

We’ll see, tonight. Thanks for following along!

The Ludwigia arguata seems to be a dismal failure. It is loosing leaves
at an astonishing rate. Some is in the 10g substrate, the majority is in
the 5g.

On a brighter note, there was some pearling on the larger Marimo,
so conditions cannot be all bad. Have been looking for a nice
smallish piece of driftwood for the 5g to lower the ph. The male
b. splendens found his reflection in the filter of all places,
so the filter got moved. He likes to surf the current as well,

The female b. splendens has some prey drive, she patrols
the 10g relentlessly. Every morning when I get up,
I do not expect to see the lone shrimp but there it is.
I felt bad for it, so I put a short plastic bead tube in the
substrate with some fish food in the end. Yesterday, I saw
the female b.splendens wriggling her way into it to get
the food. Now, I see her going back to the tube to see
if there is food in there. So much for that idea.

I think I will try a small piece of PVC covered in black gravel and
sunk into the substrate far enough so she cannot wriggle into it.
Hopefully she will not nose up one end and outwit me.


Starting Over

Three weeks into a 14 day warranty, we have confirmed the brand-new
10g has a leak. I noticed misplaced moisture on about day 18.

That is about 3.5 hrs of leakage. I was chatting with the free replacement 10g
owner while this was collecting. Despite the poor image, it has not dropped
over the edge. I tried to collect the fluid last night to measure the rate
but it does not drop over, even if you break the surface tension.

The replacement, with new sticker still on it, is sitting in the bathtub
filled, for immediate testing. There is no way to know how old the
tank really is as the former owner bought it from someone else.
I now feel the full impact of Dad dis-assembling
the 20 of my youth and re-sealing all the seams.

Since the leaky brand-new 10g had had water in it for three weeks
prior to the cycle completion, the bathtub test is just a quick survey
of the situation.

On a brighter note, sooner or later, I will have two 10g & a 5g.
What new aqua-worlds can we create now? Whatever they may be.
they will not include Ludwigia arguata, it continues to decline.

And so we commence . . .


I believe the L.arguata has enough light in the 10g as it has it’s own hood.
To be frank, I have been sharing the hood across the two tanks.
I had a line on a nice shoplight, not the standard white, on that
big-box website that started out as a bookstore. However, 24 hrs after
bookmarking the rock-bottom price of 7.99, it shot up to 24+.
Um, not so fast. So I read the reviews & two of them were pretty bad.

I think the decline of the L.arguata has to do with high ph, 8.
I noticed in the 5g what looked like saponification; no b. splendens in the water
to bubble nest, yet deep pile of bubbles. I also think that contributed
to the decline of the shrimp.

Here is something even more curious; I notice this morning,
hardly any water on the board supporting the original 10g.
I think a bubble level is called for today.
The replacement tank is dry on the sides and nothing
is leaking out of the bottom. I do not want to leave
the tank in the tub much longer, since the tub is neither level or perfectly flat.

Time to start draining tanks . . .
. . . and whoever is frying bacon, please leave a covered plate outside my door.


Finally, a workable aqua-scape foundation.

The LiveStock:

Radican Marble Queen mother plant, center

Cryptocoryne Lutea, encircling around perimeter

Banana Plant, down left-center

Anubis Petit nana, corner-right

a couple stray bulbs, none sprouting

Betta Splendens, female, 1

White Cloud Mountain minnows, 3

Neon Tetras, 3

The Bones:

Fluorite substrate, topped with black gravel

Aqueon 20


The Stats:

Temp: 77 f

pH: 7.6 tap, rises to 8 in 48hrs.

NH(3): 0 ppm

NO(2): 0 ppm

NO(3): 0 ppm

GH: 10-9

KH: 5

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