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Donations & Support

Independent Journalist: hardware & software equipment needs,

I am raising capital or gifts in kind to pursue independent journalism. Currently I have no insurance on any of my equipment and am lacking some very basic components. Below is the list on Amazon in the order of priority, items with no link are not available or must be purchased directly by me.

Immediate needs:
Renter’s insurance & Photographer’s insurance [why?]
Gifts-in-kind may fill the bill for some needs as long as they are compatible with existing equipment. No price estimates are include due to seasonal fluctuations. Instead, an Amazon Wish List has been prepared and will be automatically updated when a need has been fulfilled.
I am committed to fiscal transparency, you will know how your investment helped.
          Thank you for supporting independent media.

Net Neutrality Vote Update:

Signers of Mark Udall’s petition received an email about ten minutes ago informing them that the Senate upheld the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule to prevent Internet service providers throttling down certain types of internet activity.  The FCC rules were upheld by voting down S.J. Res 6 (“Disapproval of Federal Communications Commission Rule Regulating the Internet and Broadband Industry Practices”)


“I wanted you to be the first to know.  Earlier today, the Senate voted 52 – 46 to reject a GOP measure to overturn Net Neutrality, the principle that guarantees all users of the Internet are treated equally and prevents large communications conglomerates from throttling bandwidth to favor certain websites and users over others.

This victory would not have been possible without your support and the support of tens of thousands of grassroots activists who signed the 20,000 Strong for Net Neutrality Petition.

Let me be the first to say a sincere “thank you” for all you’ve done.”

Read more from TheHill’s Floor Action Blog.



URGENT: Sign Mark Udall’s petition “20,000 strong for Net Neutrality!”

Via Scoop.itOccupyGR

This week, Senate Republicans will try to overturn the FCC’s rules preserving Net Neutrality which guarantees a level playing field for all websites and Internet users.
Via www.markudall.com

Expanding content, really

The aquatic part of this blog migrated two-ish years ago to: http://aquagillie.blogger.com searchable as “aquagillie.”  However, this site continues to get much more feedback than the new site. It is time to broaden the horizons of this blog.

The contents may still include summarized blurbs about the info posted on Aquagillie.  In addition there will be content from the local news I curate on Scoop.it and some content from other feeds.  Thanks for stopping by.

Long Overdue

Life outside the front door created a couple of adventures for me the last year. This blog was sadly neglected right along with the aquariums; circumstances beyond and whatnot.

Three tanks are running at the moment; two 10g and a 5g. Of the 10g, one is fish and the other shrimp. The 5g is meant to be a grow-out but life’s adventures interrupted the plans.  [Read the rest ]

Quick update regarding this blogs templa…

Quick update regarding this blogs template; several comments have been made with regard to the rendering of the previous template as buggy or unreadable. We’re sorry. For the time being, we are going plain white, minimalist. Feedback is appreciated!

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