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#OccupyWalk | The 99% will march across America to promote social and economic justice on February 11th!

What a brilliant idea! Hats off to #OccupyWalk. As a long time fan of Peter & Barbara Jenkins, authors of A Walk Across America I am envious of these adventurous Occupiers. Wish I could go with them and maybe I will join them when they near the Mid-West.

All you Retweet Jammers out there, follow them #OccupyWalk. You know I will.

#OccupyWalk | The 99% will march across America to promote social and economic justice on February 11th!.

the DNA of a City

the DNA of a City. by analogmutant caught my attention this morning. The descriptions of a journey in time attached to everyday objects, long abandoned by the owner and forgotten by the rest of us, piqued the anthropologist in me. The poignant reflections of the past reminded me why I study anthropology. Worth the read for anyone who has mucked around in the backyard and discovered a mystery.

Anonymous – message for Occupy Grand Rapids

Via Scoop.itOccupyGR

++DISCLAIMER++ I do not claim to be part of Anon, simply was asked to post a vid of theirs to youtube. —– Greetings citizens of West Michigan. We are Anon…
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Today’s Bread and Butter

I was just walking by and . . . money shot!




















If this is not a money shot, I do not know what is. I happened by the OccupyGR homebase to see if anyone needed a shift-change; lo & behold there is today’s bread & butter!

vreedwrites | Flickr photostream

Updated:: vreedwrites’ Flickr Photostream OccupyGR Buy Nothing Day

Via Scoop.itOccupyGR

OccupyGR Buy Nothing Day event and a special shout-out to Occupy Wall Street knitters and crocheters.  The day before our GA finalized plans for Buy Nothing day, including a knit/crochet circle, I saw the OWS knitters & crocheters on a streaming vid.  So HELLO OWS KNITTERS & CROCHETERS from Grand Rapids Michigan.  [phut, phut, is this thing on? Do you think they heard us?]
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Black Friday 2011 is as much entertainment as actual shopping at Rivertown Crossings Mall

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People flocked to the mall, and while many left with bags, not everyone did.
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Grand Rapids counter strategy to Black Friday: Buy Nothing Day

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Shop Local, all day, every day, a photo by vreedwrites on Flickr.
This sign can be seen on the window of a mom & pop on Monroe Center. The owners are very friendly and were the local grocery f…
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Occupy Grand Rapids plans to protest Condoleezza Rice’s visit

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Members of Occupy Grand Rapids are gearing up to protest Wednesday’s Grand Rapids appearance by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the Kent County GOP’s annual dinner. “It is important to hold people accountable for what they do,” said Matthew Judge, 26, a member of Occupy Grand Rapids. He said that he was speaking for himself but not necessarily the protest group.
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Update: ‘Occupy’ crackdowns coordinated with federal law enforcement officials

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“I was recently on a conference call of 18 cities who had the same situation, where what had started as a political movement and a political encampment ended up being an encampment that was no longer in conrol of the people who started them.” Mayor Jean Ouan of Oakland CA.
Via www.examiner.com

Occupy Grand Rapids has no plans to stop local protest despite New York disruption

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“The core group here in Grand Rapids, I really don’t think this will affect us,’ said Richard Ertle, an organizer of Occupy Grand Rapids.”
Via www.mlive.com

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