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Independent Media funding campaign: OccupyLA eviction coverage

Two of our colleagues are heading down from Oakland/San Francisco Bay area where they each cover a city,  to help OccupyLA with indy media coverage for  Monday November, 28 2011. This donation request is to help with the funding as a result of the eviction notice from the Mayor and city officials.

Spencer Mills, aka OakFoSho covers the Oakland California Occupy, with good humor and gentle grace.  He always has a kind or encouraging word for those occupiers he runs into each night he is streaming coverage.

Punkboyinsf  hails from San Francisco; his coverage of OccupySF is what drew me to streaming coverage of the Occupy movement at large.  I crammed a months worth of education into about a week watching him move through San Francisco.

These two, along with Tim Pool are the vanguard of streaming media coverage on two coasts for the Occupy movement. Please support their work, when the time comes, they will support their fellow independent journalists in turn. Thank you for your support of independent media.

Vreed Writes The human readable address for their WePay account is:
https://www.wepay.com/donate/27485  the account holder’s name is Spencer Mills, aka OakFoSho.
For those of you who pray; join me in asking for health and safety for these two video journalists.


‎@OakFoSho Media Campaign Sponsorship
Stay tuned for updates on coverage by Tim Pool, scheduled to stream from the road in December.


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